From the Mailbox – April 2024

Bill C-380, An Act to amend the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (plastic manufactured items) Carbon Tax Cost of Living Foreign Interference Inflation Wealth Tax Capital Gains Tax Wealth Re-Distribution Fund Research Deficit Spending/Canada’s Debt Stop Decriminalizing Hard ... Full Article

From the Mailbox – November 2023

Cost-of-Living Rent/Mortgage Increases Housing Shortage C-21, Firearm Act Carbon Tax C-234, Relief for Farmers Immigration Inflation Nuclear/SMRs Emissions Cap Escalator Tax – Alcohol CRA/Service Canada MAID Defund CBC Sustainable Jobs Legislation Fur Farming Draft Horses Canada ... Full Article

From the Mailbox – October 2023

Cost of Living Carbon Tax Immigration Nuclear Israel/ Gaza Conflict CRA Mortgage Renewals Draft Horses CEBA CERB Rent Increases Speaking up for Students’ Rights Pharmacare Funding for National Canadian Film Day Clean Electricity Bill C-314, Medical Assistance in Dying National Day of ... Full Article

From the Mailbox – June 2023

Changes to Health Regulations – Natural Health Products Nuclear/SMR Carbon Tax/Clean Fuel Standard Foreign Interference/Public Inquiry CRA Inflation Immigration Service Canada EI Cost of Living Rent Increases Interest Rates CPP/OAS/GIS Grocery Costs C-18, Online News Act Foreign Affairs ... Full Article

From the Mailbox – April 2023

Inflation Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act Housing Crisis Rising Cost-of-Living NDP/Liberal Coalition Public Sector Strike Foreign Interference Trudeau Foundation Passports CBC Axe the Tax/Carbon Tax Foreign Affairs CERB Repayment Bail Reform Immigration Pay Raises for Civil Servants Roxham ... Full Article