From the Mailbox – June 2023

Changes to Health Regulations – Natural Health Products Nuclear/SMR Carbon Tax/Clean Fuel Standard Foreign Interference/Public Inquiry CRA Inflation Immigration Service Canada EI Cost of Living Rent Increases Interest Rates CPP/OAS/GIS Grocery Costs C-18, Online News Act Foreign Affairs ... Full Article

From the Mailbox – April 2023

Inflation Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act Housing Crisis Rising Cost-of-Living NDP/Liberal Coalition Public Sector Strike Foreign Interference Trudeau Foundation Passports CBC Axe the Tax/Carbon Tax Foreign Affairs CERB Repayment Bail Reform Immigration Pay Raises for Civil Servants Roxham ... Full Article

From the Mailbox – January 2023

Housing Cost-of-Living Passports Foreign Affairs Inflation Immigration Physical Activity Travel Climate Animal Protection Universal Basic Income (UBI) Environment Medical Psilocybin Long Term Care Charitable Status Homelessness Digital ID Aid for Hardest Hit Industries Rising Cost of Living ... Full Article

Bill C-11, The Online Streaming Act

The Liberals have introduced Bill C-11, The Online Streaming Act and although it has a new name, it is a re-introduction of their Bill C-10, an Act to amend the Broadcasting Act from the previous Parliament. Even Liberal ministers have acknowledged that this new censorship bill is more extreme ... Full Article

Home Ownership

Once again, Canadians are learning that under this Liberal government the dream of homeownership or an affordable place to live is moving further and further away. Recently, the Canadian Real Estate Association reported the largest housing inflation numbers ever — with the price of homes ... Full Article

Extend Tax Deadline for Seniors

With another hard pandemic year behind us and rampant inflation in front of us, Canadian seniors can’t afford any delays in receiving their GIS and OAS benefits. Payments that rely on them successfully filing their taxes on time — which has been put in jeopardy due to errors at the CRA. ... Full Article