Extend Tax Deadline for Seniors

With another hard pandemic year behind us and rampant inflation in front of us, Canadian seniors can’t afford any delays in receiving their GIS and OAS benefits. Payments that rely on them successfully filing their taxes on time — which has been put in jeopardy due to errors at the CRA. Employment and Social Development Canada admitted that over 65,000 Canadian seniors T4’s had to be reissued due to an error, calling it a ‘limited number’ and callously suggesting it wasn’t a pressing matter.

My office has been contacted daily by extremely concerned seniors still waiting for this crucial document to file their taxes.
To remedy this incompetence, Conservatives are demanding an investigation by Minister Qualtrough to thoroughly examine how this error took place, if any similar errors occurred, and how far-reaching the effects of the error has been on Canadian seniors. Likewise, the Minister must ensure Canadians 65 and over do not face any penalties to their benefits if they file past May 2nd, 2022. Under the increasing pressures of inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, seniors were already feeling the additional strain and they should not be burdened further by administrative errors outside of their control.

My colleagues and I will continue to be the voice of Canadian seniors being left behind by the NDP-Liberal government.