NDP/Liberal Budget

Canadians need a plan to deal with the cost-of-living crisis, to bolster our economic prosperity and competitiveness, and provide them with hope so that they can be better off than they were when the Liberals came to power. Justin Trudeau failed to deliver that plan, instead adding another $50 billion dollars in uncontrolled spending that can only be paid through higher taxes.

Anyone hoping for a break didn’t get one from the NDP-Liberal budget. My colleagues and I were looking for three things: controlled spending to control inflation, tax breaks for Canadians, and substantial action on increasing housing supply. The budget failed on all of these leaving Canadians worse off today than they were six years ago. Families are struggling to pay their bills, anyone trying to buy a house cannot afford to do so and seniors living on fixed incomes are struggling to afford the high costs everywhere they go.

The more the Liberal government spends, the more expensive everything gets. The NDP-Liberal government has doubled down on their uncontrolled spending and higher taxes. Instead of tax breaks for Canadians, Trudeau is using inflation revenue to grow government. To control inflation, you must control spending. They have failed and Trudeau is continuing his tax-and-spend agenda to satisfy the NDP. Not having a plan to address rising prices is a monumental failure, and the cost-of-living crisis will only get worse with the NDP-Liberal government.

Rather than presenting real solutions and a meaningful plan to fight the inflationary pressures that are leaving so many Canadians behind, the NDP-Liberal government unleashed an avalanche of uncontrolled spending and misguided taxation that will only make things worse. The farther left the Liberals go, the further behind Canadians get. With the government’s NDP partners, things will only get worse. Even before the pandemic, the Liberals added $112.2 billion to the federal debt over a five-year period of tepid growth and record-high spending.

We know that Justin Trudeau will continue to wedge, divide, and stigmatize Canadians and ridicule anyone who disagrees with him. Canadians have had enough. My colleagues and I will consistently be the voice of the millions of Canadians who are left behind by this NDP-Liberal government.